Plant a Tree

Projects overview

Plant a dedicated sapling tree which is managed and maintained as part of a woodland project.

The Sapling tree

A young sapling tree will be planted with the appropriate guard and stake and grown to maturity. In the early years, new trees have to be nurtured as many sapling trees don’t take. They can perish from disease, lack of water or be eaten by animals such as deer, rabbits and sheep who share the same habitat. Your tree will be managed to maturity (approximately 10 years), at this stage it will be most effective in removing Co2 from the atmosphere. A tree living 100 years will remove around 350kg of CO2 (please note – this is an indicative figure and depends on ground conditions, tree species and location).

Woodland Carbon Code

This ensures under the Woodland Carbon Code that the right tree is planted in the right place, that they are managed and monitored long-term, and that this project is subject to periodic re-certification, along with being protected by both UK law and long-term contracts with landowners.

Carbon Impact

In recognition of the carbon impact of this funeral your investment will not only capture Co2 over time, but will also offer a host of other benefits, including flood alleviation, water quality improvements, habitat creation, employment, public access, sustainable timber, and cleaner air. Through your support for woodland creation, you are helping the UK meet its international climate change obligations and national adaptation objectives, in a way that also benefits wider society.

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