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Projects overview

For this option you are helping to contribute to the creation of UK woodland, restoration of UK peatlands, in addition to a number of ongoing global projects, that will nurture the environment we live in.

For Managed Woodland creation

Creating new habitats for wildlife and nature to thrive, increasing biodiversity, reduce flooding and much more. Certified under the ‘UK Woodland Carbon Code’. Through your support for UK woodland creation, you are helping the country meet its international climate change obligations and national adaptation objectives, in a way that also benefits wider society.

For Restoration of UK Peatlands

Including helping to restore the original form and function of UK peatland habitats, restoring the natural flow of water and soil saturation, helping to address climate change. Functioning peatland ecosystems are some of the most carbon rich terrestrial ecosystems on earth, storing up to 30 times more carbon per hectare than a healthy tropical rainforest.

For verified Global Projects

A range of global forestry and peatland projects: creating new forests, protecting existing forests, protecting, and restoring peatlands. Jointly certified under the ‘Verified Carbon Standard’ and the ‘Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard’.

Leave a legacy – How your purchase is calculated.

Your purchased credits act as a donation and go towards offsetting a funeral arrangement with up to 3-4 tonnes of Co2e. Your investment will be used on global projects, creating certified UK woodland (which includes maintenance) and is approved by the woodland carbon code, and restoring 5m2 of UK peatland per year.

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