Estimating the Carbon footprint of a funeral

Firstly, it may be useful to establish what we mean by a carbon footprint:

Carbon [when used when discussion the environment] refers to the different greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. A Footprint [used when discussing the environment] refers to the total impact that an activity has.
So a Carbon footprint describes the estimate we can use to establish the full climate change impact of any action or activity, whether that be an industrial or leisure activity conducted by a business or an individual.

So to establish the carbon footprint

of a funeral you have to consider all of the following activities when attempting to work out the total carbon footprint:

• Activities of the Funeral director in relation to the care of the deceased including all there energy usage
• Travel for all participants in the funeral including mourners, and those involved in the service such as the vicar, cremation or burial staff, florist and other third party people involved
• The cremation or burial service
• The activities of the suppliers of services such as the coffin manufacturer, the stationer if orders of service are used, the caterers if food is to be had at the wake

As you can see the footprint covers a large number of actions and activities, obviously every Funeral can differ greatly and the variables are massive, so in order to establish an estimate one approach would be to take several differing types of the more typical arrangements and work on an average.
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