Flowers, what to choose and what happens after the funeral:

It is popular to pay respects with a floral wreath or bouquet of flowers.

The impact commercial floristry has on our environment does vary but some simple advice can help to reduce their impact.

we would like to suggest

the following as a way to reduce this impact on the environment

• Ask for in season native local flowers to be used in the tribute, this avoids the use of flowers which are transported from other areas of the world.
• If using out of season flowers then you can check their origin, generally avoid flowers which have been transported by air [There are many good European varieties which are grown and transported by road / ferry to the UK]
• If you choose wreaths ask for the plastic or wire frame to be recycled and the flowers to be composted for use locally.
• For bouquets, ask your flourish to use biodegradable paper wrap and not to use cellophane in their composition.
• After the Funeral, bouquets could be donated but be sure to first get the consent of the recipient first also hospitals and care homes have differing policies.

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