Suitable Coffin options

When it comes to selecting

a suitable coffin for a Greener Goodbye, you should ask a number of questions, 1) what is the coffin made from? does it use environmentally friendly materials such as FSC regulated wood 2) Where does the coffin come from? Is it from a UK based manufacturer if not has the supplier checked the carbon footprint of the delivery method 3) Does the manufacturer of the coffin have any environmental control systems or accreditations? Does it for instance hold the Carbon Trust Standard or is it ISO14001 accredited? 4) Can the coffin be used in a woodland burial site [if that is the option you have chosen]?

All these questions are good pointers as to the suitability of a coffin for use in a Greener Goodbyes funeral.

In essence as long as the coffin has been manufactured to the best environmental standards using renewable sources then, the Greener Goodbyes service is open to almost any coffin type, we do however recommend the following coffin ranges as having all the best attributes for a Greener Goodbye…


The Woodland Coffin Range

Manufactured using Ecologique Nil Formaldehyde added board, FSC certified. Fitted with cotton lining, pillow and frill.

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The Oasis Coffins Range

After extensive market research and product development, a range of beautifully designed coffin products are available in three natural materials, and in a full range of sizes.

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The Natural Legacy Range

by Hainsworth Woollen Coffin is handmade in Yorkshire using pure new British wool, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame. Wool is a fibre with a true “green” lineage that is both sustainable and biodegradable.

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